Qore.works - our standard for tailor made solutions

Every organisation has different needs and every application we develop is unique! Does that mean that 'tailor made' has to be expensive? We don't think so! Our solution is Qore.works the core for every tailor made solotoon we develop! By utilising Qore.works more time remains to spend on developing your specific wishes making your solution and organisation perform better.

Okay, but what is in it for me?

As a customer you get a stable and secure base where the largest part of your application is already done. Standard components like login functionality, users, roles and access management are a built in part of Qore.works. With a good mix of standard components and tailor made solutions, we are able to quickly develop a web application that meets the needs of your organization. This allows for as much time and budget as possible to be allocated towards the development of custom solutions that your organization requires.

What is Qore.works?

Qore.works is our latest version of a set of standard building blocks that we have developed and merged, leveraging our knowledge and experience of over 20 years in online development, to efficiently develop and manage digital solutions.

Qore.works is essentially a triad of:

  • Management environment
  • Customer portal
  • And the foundation for any application

We use proven standards and techniques, open source software, and of course our years of experience. It is a modular system developed by us, which allows us to quickly establish and manage the foundation of any new application. Qore.works enables us to rapidly develop digital solutions for you.

What can you use Qore.works for?

With Qore.works, we can create any complex digital environment for you. Whether it's unlocking information from your existing CRM or ERP systems or simply as a foundation for a new online environment. With Qore.works, we create a portal where customers can log in, access and modify information, while you keep control over all data and processes in your own management environment.

Online portals

Development of online portals and platforms, web portals, customer portals, supplier portals, and more...

Web development

Web applications, websites, digital environments, online tools, and other web-based projects.

Tailor made software

From CRM to LMS system, from API connection to database development. Everything can be tailored to your needs.

"With Qore.works we can develop and deploy a customer portal in two sprints!"

– Alan Linnenbank

Qore.works in 5 keywords:


Qore.works offers a reliable and stable foundation for digital solutions through the use of proven standards and techniques, ensuring a consistent and dependable application.


With Qore.works, you can rely on secure and easy-to-maintain software, including security features as standard components, reducing the risk of security issues.


Qore.works enables fast and efficient development of digital solutions, thanks to included standard components and a modular system that saves time and costs.


Qore.works offers flexibility by being easy to expand and connect with other systems and tools, allowing digital solutions to be adapted to changing needs.

Tailor made

Qore.works is the basis for custom-made applications, where combining standard components with tailored solutions enables fast and efficient development of digital solutions that perfectly fit your organisation's specific needs.

Recently developed with Qore.works

SKJ Custom made CRM system

CRM-systeem van SKJ

The complete registrator of the Dutch SKJ zich is used on a  daily basis, is built on Qore.works. This is a modular CRM-system developed by us, extended with tailor-made modules for SKJ.

Tech stack

Qore.works itself is based on industry standards and technologies


HyperText Markup Language 5 is the latest, finished version of the HTML programming language


Laravel is the PHP Framework that forms the basis for our applications

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a utility-first framework that allows you to quickly develop interfaces


MySQL is an open source technique for developing relational databases


Coffee is a hot drink that contains caffeine, among other things
Factsheet background

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Alan Linnenbank