API development

API is an abbreviation of Application Programming Interface. It is a piece of code that allows an application to communicate with other software programs. A good API forms a fast and stable link between different systems, such as the link between a CRM system and an e-mail application. At Dolphiq we ensure that this 'underwater technology' always performs perfectly.


An API allows systems to communicate with each other. The API allows you to exchange data and synchronize data. A smart API ensures that systems work together seamlessly and at lightning speed.


With an API connection you process data in real-time. When something is adjusted in one place, the API ensures that this data also remains up to date in the other system

End points

An API uses so-called end points to communicate with other programs. Such an end point is the central place to which data is sent and from which data is sent.

Develop an API connection

Many large software suppliers make their API available to make a connection. For example, you can link with Exact Online's API to automate your invoicing. Also mail programs are often connected to another system (such as a CRM system or a back office) in order to always have access to the current address file in real time. Another commonly used API link is that of the Mollie payment system, which facilitates iDEAL payments.

Advantages of an API connection

The API is a simple piece of software, often just a few lines of code, but the impact is huge. Automating processes via an API link prevents a lot of manual work and reduces the chance of error. Because processes run automatically, you have the right information in real-time. And you avoid repetitive actions; adjustments do not have to be made in different places because the API synchronizes all environments at once.

Develop your own API

Sometimes it can be useful to enable other organizations to communicate with your systems. In this case, developing your own API is relevant. By doing so, other organizations of departments can gather data and connect to your systems.

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Voordelen van een API koppeling

Een API is een simpel stukje software, vaak van slechts enkele regels code, maar de impact is groot. Het automatiseren van processen via een API koppeling voorkomt een hoop handwerk en verkleint de foutkans. Doordat processen automatisch verlopen, beschik je real-time over de juiste informatie. En je voorkomt repetitieve handelingen; aanpassingen hoeven niet op verschillende plekken te worden want de API synchroniseert ineens alle omgevingen.

Dolphiq as API developer

As a digital agency and specialist in custom software, we realize many API connections. Our developers are experienced in writing API's and know better than anyone how to connect systems with each other. They work with different types of API's, such as REST (Representational State Transfer) API's and web API's.