International Student Services

International Student Services (ISS) is an online platform where international students can arrange all their basic needs before they come to the Netherlands. They can purchase various services via this platform, such as an OV chip card, telephone subscription or a bank account. In this way they start well prepared for their study time in the Netherlands.

Developing an online platform

Dolphiq has developed an online platform for international students in collaboration with International Student Services (ISS). The platform was developed together with the Business Owner of ISS according to the scrum methodology. Together we realized the website and back office (set up in Laravel) in a short time. Students can now take out the desired services via the website within a few clicks. These are available to ISS in the back office, which is used to manage the application.


ISS ensures that foreign students can start their study time in the Netherlands well prepared. From their home country they can easily arrange all kinds of things online so that they are not faced with surprises once they have arrived in the Netherlands.


On the website, students can find information about what to expect in the Netherlands. They will also find an overview of the services and you can create an account. Students are guided through the ordering process as quickly as possible to place an order.

Back office

The application can be managed in the back office, intended for employees of ISS. Here they will find an overview of the students with an account and the orders they have placed. In addition, you can add service providers, create new partners, etc.

Tools of the trade


HyperText Markup Language 5 is the latest, finished version of the HTML programming language


Laravel is the PHP Framework that forms the basis for our applications


JavaScript is a widely used scripting language to make web pages interactive and develop web applications

Vue JS

Vue JS is a Javascript framework, which helps to build web and mobile applications


Coffee is a hot drink that contains caffeine, among other things

Factsheet ISS

Facts & figuresĀ 


The platform has been developed 2-3 sprints in close collaboration with the Business Owner of ISS


The platform has been visited by many thousands of people since its launch in 2021


ISS receives dozens of requests from foreign students every week!


The FAQ page answers dozens of frequently asked questions from international students