Database development

Developing a complex database is something we love at Dolphiq! We have experience with the most diverse forms of database development. Whether it concerns storing, analyzing, searchable or providing insight into data... we turn your data into valuable information! We think along with you and deliver a tailor-made database solution.

The start

By developing a database, we ensure that you always have the right data to make decisions. Depending on the systems in your organization and your specific wishes, we develop a tailor-made database solution.

Our approach

We develop web apps and a GUI (Graphic User Interface) with systems such as MySQL, MS SQL, SQL, Sybase and ODBC. The database is controlled online using, among other things, the PHP and ASP codes.

The result

With a tailor-made database solution, you as an end user always have insight into the data via a GUI. Data is clearly displayed so that you can achieve optimum efficiency. We ensure that the database works well with the systems that are already present in your organization.

The technology behind databases

In many cases, our clients are not only looking for a database, but above all a way to manage a database. After all, there are few people who start working in the database themselves with the help of MySQL. You don't have to, that's what we're here for! We use techniques such as MySQL, MS SQL, SQL, Sybase and ODBC to develop the database and ensure that you can manage your data through a user-friendly User Interface. Of course we will (depending on the type of data) take appropriate security measures and store data encrypted if necessary.