Custom made CRM system

Customer Relationship Management is the linchpin in every organization. A good CRM system not only contains the contact information of clients, prospects and relations of your organization, but also helps to automate common tasks. Dolphiq develops a CRM system that fits seamlessly with your organization.

The start

Step 1 is to map out the needs. What will you be using the CRM system for? Which software must be linked? And what is the available budget? We will determine this together with you in the orientation phase.


When we have broadly determined which functionalities will be developed, we can get to work. We use the Scrum methodology, whereby we develop not only for, but especially with you as a client.


A custom-developed CRM system is optimally tailored to your specific situation. In order to develop the best end product we therefore ask you to be sharp and critical at all times.

A modulair CRM system

You decide for yourself what the CRM system of your organization will look like. Every CRM system is different and we can develop the modules you need. Most CRM systems contain a relationship module, user management and/or a part where you can manage your products. It is not limited to that!

Perhaps your organization needs an export option for the bookkeeper, a module in which you can see all quotation requests coming in or a link with another system. Everything is possible! Because you cannot foresee everything in advance, we set up our systems in a flexible and scalable way. This way you always have the option to add new modules to your CRM system in the future.

An example of a tailor-made CRM system

Your own custom made CRM

Curious about what a custom CRM system could look like for your organization? We are happy to think along with you about the possibilities of developing a customized CRM system. We invite you to brainstorm about how this can be implemented within your organization, what is in the MVP and how it can be expanded in the future. Please contact us and we'll be happy to tell you more!