Web development

Web development not only is work for our developers, it is also their passion. Our teams work daily on the development of web applications, digital environments, online tools and other web-based projects. Web development not only means that an application does what it is supposed to do, but also user-friendly and easy to both implement ánd maintain.


We work Agile and use the Scrum framework. This means that you as a client will work closely with the team. The developers take care of the technical part of course, but your input is crucial to them!

Tailor-made solutions

Web development is 'custom work'. In our experience, a web application only matches your expectations when it is tailor-made for your situation.


Every web application needs maintenance. We therefore see it as our task to provide proactive advice and maintain the applications after delivery. This keeps the data secure and the application up to date!

Future proof

When you have a website, online portal or any other type of web application developed, you usually don't do it for a one-time use. It is nice if the application you invest in is future-proof and will last for a longer period of time. Our scrum teams ensure that your application not only meets the (security) requirements upon delivery, but that you can also use a well-maintained application in the long term.

Secure by design

When developing our products, we deploy the latest techniques and frameworks and develop in accordance with the latest requirements of legislation and privacy. However, this does not stop at delivery. We provide timely updates and upgrades but also keep a close eye on the world of the Internet (and its associated laws and regulations). As an ISO 27001-certified organization, Dolphiq considers security of utmost importance. We will always proactively advise you on the management and maintenance of your web application.

Our office in Bilthoven.

Flexible and scalable

In our experience, a Web application is never "finished" even from the client's perspective. Once the solution is used, new requirements arise naturally. The users and their needs change and the software changes with them. It is precisely for this reason that we always set up our applications scalably, from a solid and scalable architecture, so that functionality can easily be added at a later date.

Recently developed

Mockup of a macbook placed on a coffee table 2313 el1 SG

Website Sensys Gatso

For Sensys Gatso ontwikkelden we recently developed their corporate website, with some tailor made additions. The website can be managed through Craft CMS.

ISS topbanner

Online platform ISS

In collaboration with International Student Services (ISS), we developed an online platform for international students, consisting of a website and a back office.