Sensys Gatso

Sensys Gatso is a leading provider of traffic enforcement solutions. The company is active worldwide and its mission is to improve road safety and save lives by changing the driving behavior of motorists. Dolphiq developed a clear corporate website, based on a supplied design.

Development corporate website

As a listed company, Sensys Gatso's website must meet various obligations. The website is not only the place where you can see what services are provided, but it also contains information for shareholders and investors. For example, the financial reports are transparent and you can see the current stock price.

Developing the website was therefore not only a matter of converting the design into code, but also contained the necessary technical challenges. That makes our developers happy! Fortunately, there is Craft CMS, the CMS that is ideally suited for managing the content of custom web applications.

Landing page of Sensys Gatso

Managing content in Craft CMS

As the administrator of the website, you are flexible in managing the website. You can determine what the menu looks like, add pages and build these pages from the available content blocks. Craft CMS offers the user this flexibility so that he/she can design pages as desired and you do not always need the web builder to develop a new page template. With the live preview function you can immediately see what your new page will look like, without it being published immediately. In the factsheet below you will find some of the functionalities:



The website is available in both English and Swedish.


Among other things financial reports and annual statements. 


When a press release is published in Cision, it is also loaded on the Sensys Gatso website.


Webcasts sorted by date and relevance. 


Current stock price of the Sensys Gatso shares on homepage. 


Craft CMS

Craft CMS is a flexible and user-friendly Content Management System


HyperText Markup Language 5 is the latest, finished version of the HTML programming language

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a utility-first framework that allows you to quickly develop interfaces

Vue JS

Vue JS is a Javascript framework, which helps to build web and mobile applications


JavaScript is a widely used scripting language to make web pages interactive and develop web applications

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