Custom software

Customized software is the solution when you run into the limitations of existing software. A free solution is quickly found online, but it rarely performs the way you want. We believe that software should do what you want and how you want it. You are in the lead, the software follows. Dolphiq develops custom software that fits seamlessly with you and your organization.

Database development

We love developing a complex database! Whether it concerns providing insight into data or managing it, we create your tailor-made database solution.

CRM system

A Content Management System is software in which you can manage all your relationships is the basis of their IT for many organizations. We develop tailor-made CRM systems.

API link

With the development of an API you can unlock data or make it available to third parties. An API ensures that you can connect different pieces of software.

When custom made software is the solution...

At Dolphiq we believe in customization. With the development of custom software you ensure that your systems do exactly what they are supposed to do. Sometimes there is a SaaS solution that meets all your needs, in many other cases the software just doesn't do what you want it to do. The result is that you have to do double work, have extensive Excel files or that actions take longer than necessary. The development of custom software may offer a solution! We are happy to think along with you and tell you all about the possibilities.

In our Bilthoven office we work on developing custom made software.

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Database development

Developing a complex database is something we love at Dolphiq! We have experience with the most diverse forms of database development. Whether it concerns storing, analyzing, searchable or providing insight into data... we turn your data into valuable information! We think along with you and deliver a tailor-made database solution.

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API development

API is an abbreviation of Application Programming Interface. It is a piece of code that allows an application to communicate with other software programs. A good API forms a fast and stable link between different systems, such as the link between a CRM system and an e-mail application. At Dolphiq we ensure that this 'underwater technology' always performs perfectly.