Dutch Youth Care Quality Register Foundation (SKJ) acts as the umbrella body for quality registration in the youth domain. Due to the merging of a number of registers, the desire has arisen for a custom-developed system for the registration of youth professionals.

Developing the SKJ database

Dolphiq has merged the various existing registers for SKJ into one well-organized database. Youth professionals can register and (re-)register via the My SKJ portal, after which they are assessed by SKJ. With the system, accreditations can be handled and files can be managed. In addition, an online portal has been developed where various user layers can log in from the website to gain access to the information that is relevant to them in a secure environment.

My.SKJ portal

Youth professionals can manage their own registration in the Mijn SKJ portal. After they have logged in, they can change data, after which the changes become visible in SKJ's CRM system. CRM

SKJ's registration system that is used on a daily basis is based on This is the modular CRM system developed by Dolphiq, supplemented with custom modules for SKJ.


Actions entered into the portal by youth professionals are immediately processed in SKJ's CRM and vice versa. The API synchronizes the systems in real time.

What the system must meet...

SKJ maintains a register in which youth care workers, youth and family professionals, psychologists and pedagogues are registered as proof that they meet certain professional competence requirements. The system not only contains information about their (re-)registration, disciplinary proceedings can also be initiated and complaints can be submitted. SKJ manages both a public register and more sensitive files in which information security plays a major role.

"The Dolphiq team is customer-friendly, easy to approach and at home in many markets. Even with difficult problems, the best solutions are always sought - with the necessary perspective and humor."

– Marian Breukhoven | Business owner SKJ

Facts ultimo 2021

Registered youth professionals


Filed re-registrations


Approved accreditations


New registrations

In 2021, 6,536 people have registered in the system for the first time