Online portal development

Developing an online portal can be an essential part of your organization. Online portals come in all shapes and sizes. Call it an online portal, a web portal, a user interface or an online platform. It concerns a digital environment in which information is presented and/or you as a user can perform certain actions.

Client portal

In a customer portal, your customers can manage their personal information, view the order status or, for example, view their latest invoices.

Web portal

A web portal retrieves external information and presents it in the style of your organization. For example, it is used to manage a database or display info on a dashboard.

Tailor-made portal

Do you have an idea for an online portal? For example for your customers, employees, suppliers, dealers or other interested parties? We'll gladly to think along with you!

Online portal development

There is no single online portal that meets the needs of all organisations. Every organization faces different challenges and even from different functions the needs can be completely different. Together with our clients, we develop tailor-made online portals, so that all these interests are taken into account. Some examples:

  • The ME+U portal enables people to develop personally;
  • Pilots can participate in promotional campaigns via the Bose Aviation portal;
  • With the EPPA portal you are always aware of relevant political developments.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

In most cases we start with the development of an MVP, a Minimum Viable Product. During a workshop we ask our client to find out what should be in a first version of the product. When the MVP is ready, the system can be deployed among the users. However, it is not yet 'finished'.

When it is put into use, new needs and opportunities for further development arise automatically. Think of expanding the functionalities, optimizing or updating the application(s) with the latest techniques.

The online Me+U portal helps teams and individuals to thrive.

Portal security

As an ISO 27001 certified organization, the security of our web applications and online portals plays an important role. We map out the risks for each challenge and take appropriate measures. For example different rights levels of the users or the accessibility of the portal. For example, in consultation with our client, we can choose to make an online portal only accessible through a VPN connection (Virtual Private Network), from certain IP addresses or through 2-step authentication.

Online portal Bose Aviation

Bose aviation visual home 1920x840px 1

Online portal Bose Aviation

On behalf of Bose, we developed an online portal for the aviation industry. With this they can facilitate promotional actions.

EPPA mockup of a macbook placed on a coffee table 2313 el1 copy

EPPA portal

With the Political Monitor Tool you stay informed about developments in our political capitol The Hague. As a customer, you will find everything relevant to you in the portal, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere via browser.

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