EPPA is a leading public affairs and strategic communication consultancy. One of the services that is offered is the Political Monitor, with which you as a customer are always kept informed of the developments in politics in The Hague via an online portal.

Developing the EPPA Portal

Dolphiq has developed the EPPA portal on behalf of EPPA. The system consists of a portal, where customers log in and thus have a unique information position, and a back office ('BO'), in which the employees of EPPA can manage everything.


The portal is the place where you log in as a customer to immediately see what the relevant developments are for you. You can view documents, add them to a file or create a newsletter to inform colleagues.

Portal API

The portal API ensures that real-time information is exchanged between the portal and the back office in a secure manner. Various endpoints ensure that this happens 24/7.


EPPA employees can manage the application in the back office. They create new users, see the (new) information coming in and select which piece is relevant for which customer.

Tools of the trade


HyperText Markup Language 5 is the latest, finished version of the HTML programming language


Laravel is the PHP Framework that forms the basis for our applications


JavaScript is a widely used scripting language to make web pages interactive and develop web applications


Cascading Style Sheets let you control the design of web pages


Coffee is a hot drink that contains caffeine, among other things