ME+U is a unique tool for personal development, strengthening teams and establishing a strong organizational culture. As a user of the platform, you fill in a questionnaire to gain access to your personal profile, which you can use to work on your personal development and improve cooperation.

Smart tooling for personal and team growth

The ME+U platform has been developed in close collaboration with the Business Owner. Initially, we looked together at where the most profit could be achieved in the short term and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was defined. This laid the foundation for the platform as it is today. In various sprints, the tool has been expanded further and further into a complete platform where you get an idea of ​​your motivations, your potential, your impact and your joint opportunities to develop. The application can be managed in the back office, where you as a coach can also view your profiles.


Participants are invited to complete a questionnaire. When they have completed this on their mobile phone, tablet or desktop, they will be given access to the portal. The results are automatically processed and a profile is created for the participant.

Private portal

When you possess an account, you can log in to the ME+U portal. Here you will find your profile, you will gain insight into your motivations and energy sources, and you will find more information about what makes you unique. Your ME+U profile provides you with opportunities to grow and further develop yourself.

Back office

The application is managed in the back office. Here you can create new coaches and teams, view the different profiles, manage roles and rights and send new invites. Statistics are also kept of the use of the portal.

Further development of the platform

Initially, the ME+U platform was developed to provide insight into their motivations and energy sources. With the increase in the number of users, more wishes arise, both on the user's side and on ME+U. There was a need from within the organization for a rights and role structure so that all employees and coaches in the back office can use the correct options themselves.