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Dolphiq is a digital agency. Web developing is what makes us tick. Our teams are specialists in custom web development and enjoy working on complex projects. Through a creative mindset, we ensure that the digital solution perfectly matches the wishes of users.

Web development

Web applications, websites, digital environments, online tools and other web-based projects

Online portals

Development of online portals, online platforms, web portals, customer portals, supplier portals and the like

Tailor-made software

From CRM to LMS systems, from API connections to database development. All our software is tailor-made.

Flexible and scalable

Experience shows that a web application is never finished and new needs arise over time. At Dolphiq we therefore choose to make our applications scalable and flexible, so that new functionalities can be added in the future. This way we can further develop your systems so that they continue to work optimally.

Whether it concerns a complete CRM system or a simple portal, when you start using this new wishes can arise. You may discover during use that certain things can be more effective or that there are developments in the market that require you to adapt. No problem, let's see how we can make the application even better!

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