Lindenhaeghe institute is a leading Dutch education, training and examination institute for professionals in the field of personal development. And of course a leading organization needs a modern website...

Developing the Craft website

In 2021, Lindenhaeghe commissioned a new, clear website to be developed. This is characterized by a sleek design, a user-friendly ordering process and the extensive customization. Think of the creation of white labels, implementation of the STAP budget and integration with the other systems. The website has been developed in close collaboration with the Business Owner (BO). This represents the client, so that the interests of all stakeholders (marketing, sales, end users, etc.) are taken into account. Craft CMS is used to manage the content.


The website offers the possibility to create white labels for Lindenhaeghe's partners. They can log in and see the exclusive offer that applies to them, including any discount agreements.

Simple ordering

For management One of the goals is, of course, that people receive training. That is why a simple and effective ordering process has been developed, including cross-sell options and the processing of subsidies.

Craft CMS

Craft CMS was used to manage the website. This CMS is designed in such a way that it works pleasantly for the website administrators and that they have a large degree of flexibility. That way they don't need the web builder all the time...