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Craft CMS is a - in our opinion 'state of the art' - Content Management System with which you can manage your website yourself. At Dolphiq we use Craft because it combines a fast, simple user interface with the flexibility we need for our web developers. The Craft CRM is reliable and scalable and fully meets the high quality requirements of Dolphiq.

Why Craft CMS?

Craft is a so-called 'headless' CMS. And that addition offers many advantages. We are happy to tell you why our developers chose Craft. And especially what the benefits are for our clients.

Craft CMS plugins

Craft is a so-called 'open source' application. This means that a community of developers develops plugins themselves to make the CMS better and more fun. Of course we as Dolphiq cannot stay behind. Discover which plugins we have developed.

Craft CMS vs WordPress

Wordpress is perhaps the best known CMS in the world and has millions of users. But Craft is on the rise, especially among developers. We would like to tell you why this is the case and what the differences are between the two platforms in this article.

Craft CMS: simple and user friendly

Craft CMS is ideal for people and organizations who want to keep their website up-to-date. More complex websites and multilingual websites are also easy to manage. The CMS is very user-friendly, so you can easily create a new page, adjust text or add an image. A smart 'feature' of Craft is the live preview function that allows you to immediately see the effect of your adjustment. You can see this in the image below.

Headless CMS

Craft is a so-called headless CMS. In short, Craft does not determine the form but only the content. The back-end with data has been separated from the front-end (how it is shown). This offers many advantages. You only need to create the content in Craft (texts, images, videos and more) once to use it in multiple applications. This way, a website, an intranet and an app can all use the same data. The front-end of the application - which is not made by Craft - determines how the content is displayed to the visitor. This is often referred to as the visual shell. With the help of an API, the content is retrieved and displayed in the specific form via CSS stylesheets, among other things.

Official Craft Partner

Dolphiq is an official Craft Partner. Because we have delivered high-quality applications in Craft for years in a row, we were asked to participate in the Craft Partner Network. You can view a number of these projects on the Craft CMS website. But we prefer to tell you personally about the possibilities of a Content Management System in your situation.


"Its scalability makes Craft CMS extremely suitable for the customization of Dolphiq"

Always up to date

One of the advantages of Craft is that the CMS is continuously developed. Of course, your site always runs on the latest version, so that you can take advantage of all improvements and security updates. To provide custom solutions to our clients, we regularly develop Craft plugins with new functionalities. Because of this 'in-house' expertise, we are not dependent on third parties, something that Wordpress developers regularly encounter.


Dolphiq uses Craft CMS when developing web applications. The reasons at a glance:

  • Craft is very suitable for developing custom web applications;
  • The CMS offers the possibility to develop your own templates in the Twig engine;
  • Craft is constantly being developed, is stable and well secured;
  • And most importantly, users experience website management in Craft as easy.
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